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Norton Mobile Security

Protect all your Android devices with Norton Mobile Security. Enjoy the safety of a strong antivirus, user friendly app-lock and proactive anti theft.

You can install the software on 1 Android device for the duration of 1 year.

Unique at Licentie2GO: free Online Privacy & Security Scanner

New at Licentie2GO; the Online Privacy & Security Scanner. Developed by our software specialists themselves. The tool scans the internet and detects hacks of websites where your information has been compromised. You are in control With the Licentie2GO® Online Privacy & Security Scanner™ The scanner is exclusively available at Licentie2GO and free in combination with the purchase of any Norton product.

Norton Mobile Security

The smartphone and tablets are becoming a part of our daily lives and routine. Due to this it's becoming common for hackers to target these devices and try to steal your personal information. Do not become the victim of identity fraud and protect yourself! Surf the web with the protection of Norton Mobile Security. Norton verifies each and every website you visit to confirm if they're safe to visit. As a result you won't have to worry about websites or apps trying to steal your information. If your mobile device is stolen or lost you can ensure the safety of your information by remotely blocking your device via the secured Norton environment. In the secured environment you have the option to fully wipe your device if you deem this necessary. Norton Mobile Security takes care of all your worries! The application is always scanning and protecting your information on your mobile device.

Licentie2GO is a Norton Platinum Reseller. You’ll receive guaranteed legitimate software from us. The software is bought directly from Norton. You’ll be able to use all benefits from Norton including the Norton Virus Protection Promise and the unique benefits when purchasing software from 2GO Software. The number 1 software specialist.

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De unique functions of Norton Mobile Security

  • Virus protection promise: if your mobile device gets infected in vain, a Norton Expert will remove the virus or you'll receive a full refund.
  • Money back guarantee without any smallprint.
  • Anti theft – always know where your device is located and remotely locked your device if you think it might've been stolen!
  • SMS- and call filter – block any unwanted texts and calls.

The advantages of Licentie2GO;

  • 100% legitimate software including installation and activation guarantee.
  • No automatic renewals or small print
  • 7 days a week available by chat or mail
  • Fully customized manual which assist you step by step with your software.
  • Free for Licentie2GO customers: Online privacy and Security Scanner!

The functions of Norton Mobile Security explained

Norton Mobile Security for Android contains excellent functionalities!

Scant apps en websites op dreigingen

Norton is always actively scanning your apps and websites you visit for phishing, malware and other threats to your privacy. Whenever Norton notices that a website or app isn't safe it will immediately be blocked, due to this your information will not be at risk.

Text and call filter

Annoying people, for example telemarketing, constantly calling you with an unknown or hidden number? No problem at all for Norton Mobile Security! Norton Mobile Security will take care of this for you by blocking any unwanted callers or textts. This can be accomplished by blocking a specific phone number, all unknown numbers or hidden numbers.

Anti theft

It's always an annoyance when you are not able to find your mobile device. For this Norton has the ideal solution! Let your phone ring at full volume even when it's muted. By making your phone ring at full volume you're able to easily locate your mobile device. Whenever the mobile device isn't close to you and it can't be heard Norton offers a live map where you can see the location of your device. Using these tools in combination is a good way of being able to find your mobile device. If it becomes apparent that you device has been stolen you're able to automatically take a picture whenever the device is being used. You can see those pictures in your secured Norton environment.

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  • Subscription for 1 year
  • Can be installed on 3 devices
  • Available in English, Dutch, French and German
  • Suitable for Android
  • Valid for both a first installation and as a renewal
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Buy Norton at Licentie2GO

  • All-in-one package; always the best security
  • Includes Norton Virus Protection PromiseIf a virus manages to infect your computer a Norton expert will do their best to remove it. If they don't succeed you will receive a full refund!
  • Guaranteed legitimate software
  • A step-by-step installation manual written by us for you