CorelCAD 2020 Windows/Mac

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CorelCAD 2020 Windows/Mac

With a comprehensive set of design tools built into CorelCAD 2020, it is easy to get expert results with this industry-leading CAD software. Experience a simplified CAD workflow using the professional, time-saving tools in CorelCAD ™ 2020, available on Windows and macOS, at an affordable price. File collaboration and file sharing comes with full native .DWG file format support. With improved 2D drawing functionality, advanced 3D modeling tools and .STL support, you increase design efficiency and optimize output.

Take visual communication to the next level with improvements to time-saving features, such as the lasso selection and dimension tools, that deliver expert results. CorelCAD is compatible with all major CAD programs and users can quickly board with familiar commands and toolbar items.

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Layer group filters: Group all layers referenced from other drawings that are created automatically when external references are attached. Get easy access to layer controls. Merge one or more layers into a destination layer

Improved performance: Enjoy an accelerated CAD experience on the latest operating systems with intuitive updates and functions for each interface

Design resources: Access and manage design components such as blocks, styles, drawings and graphics for a variety of CAD projects in industries such as technology, engineering or manufacturing

2D Drafting

Accurate 2D drawing tools

Harness your design power with a comprehensive collection of professional drawing tools that provide the control and precision that professional engineers and designers need. Flexibility meets ingenuity with this optimal toolkit for creating, editing and annotating technical designs in any industry.

Transition from 2D to 3D: Create a 2D design in CorelCAD or import from CorelDRAW to switch to 3D. Extrude, rotate or swipe 2D entities along a path to move from 2D drawing to 3D modeling

MultiLeader and Dimension tools: Configure highlights and leader lines that adjust automatically. Create a new dimension style from a specified dimension and use smart dimension tools for accuracy.

Custom Block features: Save a custom block (symbol definition) as a separate drawing with new CBWBlockAs, or test custom block definitions without leaving the Block Editor.

Patterns along paths: Duplicate objects along a path in different shapes and make a specified number of copies in a linear pattern with the improved copy function.

3D Modeling

3D design en editing tools: Create wireframe geometry from the edges of a 3D plane, surface, mesh, or region. Use new OffsetEdges to create 2D entities from a fixed 3D or surface boundary.

Import STL files: Import stereolithography files (* .stl) to insert embedded 3D objects.


Add important graphics to your workflow with award-winning CorelDRAW technology and increase your CAD capabilities with additional CorelCAD plugins. Experience advanced CAD performance with the power of an advanced CAD engine powered by ARES and bring efficiency to any CAD design project

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