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Microsoft 365 apps for Business

Microsoft 365 apps for business offers you a flexible subscription to Microsoft's trusted office software. It includes the programs Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Furthermore, the programs Access and Publisher are included for Windows users. By entering into an annual contract you will receive a significant discount compared to the monthly contract. Microsoft 365 apps for Business is suitable for 1 user. This single user is allowed to install Microsoft 365 apps for businesses on 15 devices (5x desktop, 5x tablet and 5x smartphone). Microsoft 365 apps for business is based on an automatic renewal.

The advantages of Microsoft 365 apps for Business are in the flexibility. You buy one license per employee and at the same time have the advantages of central management. In 1 business portal you have easy insight into your users and the license per user. Adding or removing licenses and users is always possible.

Microsoft 365 apps for Business expandable with all kinds of extra services and applications. For example: You can easily synchronize your email and contacts across all devices by adding Microsoft Exchange. Do you have flex workers or temporary colleagues? Then we add exactly the right number of extra licenses to your portal so that you never pay too much.

Ordering for you and your colleagues? In the "Quantity" box (next to the shopping cart), enter the total number of employees who need a license within your company. We automatically link the central management portal.

Forget backups: Use the OneDrive of Microsoft 365 apps for business

Every employee can safely store their files online in their own secure OneDrive environment. Sharing files via OneDrive is optional. If you want your employees to be able to collaborate on files, choose the larger version of Microsoft 365 Business Standard and offer colleagues at team level access to files via SharePoint. 2Go Software business specialists are happy to help. Call us to make free use of our advice on switching to Microsoft 365 Business for your company.

Unique features of Microsoft 365 apps for businesses

Office 365 Business always includes the latest versions of your trusted Office programs:

  1. Outlook
  2. Word
  3. Excel
  4. Powerpoint
  5. OneNote
  6. Publisher
  7. Access

Prefer not a subscription? Then buy Office 2019. Please note that you do not purchase Office 2019 per user, but per computer.

Microsoft 365 apps for business - Work anywhere. On any device

Because the license is linked to a user instead of a computer, you can work anywhere. Working on your smartphone or tablet is as easy as working on your computer or laptop. You can view and edit files on all your devices with desktop and mobile apps for Windows PCs, iOS, Android and Mac. In short; You also install Office 365 (to be able to work offline) on your computer and / or laptop.

By using OneDrive (your own personal online file vault) all your documents travel with you. Wherever you go; you always stay up to date.

Never install updates manually again

Microsoft 365 apps for business is always up to date. Updates are pushed by Microsoft every month. They are installed fully automatically so that you have more to worry about. Never have to buy a new version again! You always use the latest version automatically.

1 License per user - 3x5 installations with Microsoft 365 apps for business

Microsoft 365 apps for business is a user license, not per PC license. If you buy a new device, the license will simply last. You never have to buy again, you are always up to date and the license goes with you to your new device.

Every user provides ALL their devices with Office with 1 simple license. A user may use a maximum of 5 PCs or laptops. In addition, 1 user may install on max. 5 smartphones AND 5 tablets. In short; each user has a maximum of 15 installations at his disposal.

We deliver all licenses of your company in 1 central portal to make management easy. You can assign the license to an employee yourself and thus give a name to a license. If an employee leaves your company, you can transfer the license to the new colleague at no cost.

In short; every employee gets his own license. 2Go Software provides in collaboration with. Microsoft for easy management.

Microsoft Silver Partner - Microsoft 365 solutions for Small and Midmarket cloud

License 2GO is Microsoft Silver Partner. We have established that we have the knowledge and skills to support you. We also work directly with Microsoft to guarantee that we can supply legitimate software. Of course you can just install it yourself using our step by step instruction.

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  • The latest version of Office without a one-time investment.
  • Central portal and license management for the entire company.
  • 1 TB of cloud storage per user included.
  • 15 installations per user. (5x Desktop + 5x Smartphone + 5x Tablet)
  • Lightning fast delivery, tailor-made for your company.
  • Microsoft 365 apps for business works on an automatic renewal basis.
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