Licentie2GO Ultimate Security Service | 1 User | 1 Year | 2022 | Incl. 250 GB Backup, VPN & Security

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Licentie2GO Ultimate Security Service - The best security package

The best digital security, we've picked it out for you. Dual-bundle with backup and recovery built in so you can keep going in an emergency. Plus, Licentie2GO's software specialists support you; we will install, configure and walk you through all aspects of your digital security during your subscription. In short: ALL the software you need; Maximum security. Everything so you can enjoy your online life without worry.

Licentie2GO offers the absolute best of the best. We have selected the best security for you.

With the Licentie2GO Security Service, we make sure that you simply get the best security installed on your devices. The power lies not just in the software itself. The best security is created by the correct installation and configuration of the software. By combining our knowledge with the best software available at the moment, we can be sure that the security is optimal. We do not install a simple antivirus product. No, you get the best security, a top-level backup & recovery system and a VPN from us. All according to the highest security standards as required at this moment.

We are the number 1 software specialist for a reason. We do the installation; we take care of your security. Everything for your digital security.

The online world is changing faster than ever. Every day, new digital threats emerge and not even 10% of them are in the news. Without you knowing it, you are exposed to them. The only way to really maximize your security is to call in a specialist. And that's a good thing, because Licentie2GO is the number 1 software specialist. With our security service, we will ensure that you get your online peace of mind back!

3 Steps to Maximum Digital Security:

We have already made all the difficult choices for you, so you don't have to choose from all the security products, just get the best from us.

  1. Place the Licentie2GO Ultimate Security Service in the shopping cart and subscribe for at least one year.
  2. Schedule an appointment with our software specialists for installation and configuration.
  3. Get maximum security!

After our specialists have completed the installation, you will receive an installation report. This will show you what we have installed, you will receive a short explanation and advice on how to escalate problems or incidents to our customer service: We are here to help you with problems or incidents 7 days a week.

The Licentie2GO Security Service is suitable for 1 user. That means; we secure 1 computer or laptop that uses Windows or Mac OS. In addition, we support an additional smartphone (Android or iOS) and 1 tablet on a self-service basis (install using our step-by-step instructions).

The ultimate total solution with maximum security is not on sale anywhere. Until today! Because this is how we work and what we offer you:

  1. Double backup with built-in recovery: because sooner or later it will go wrong. Arranged. We will help you immediately if there is a security problem.
  2. Security for your device: We use Norton's state-of-the art security to protect your devices. This keeps all threats out. Arranged.
  3. Your connection secure & maximum privacy: We use NordVPN to secure your connection. With VPN we add an extra layer of privacy to keep you even more secure. Arranged.

And then the most important part: Installation and configuration by the specialist. Only with the right installation and the right settings will you have maximum security. You decide when you want us to install it. We will do everything by appointment from start to finish.

If you want to know more, send us a message and we will let you know how quickly we can help you after you subscribe to our security service. Prefer to speak to one of our specialists directly? Feel free to contact us via mail, chat or via our contact page. We are available 7 days a week and respond very quickly.

Licentie2GO Ultimate Security Service is made possible by 4 of the world's most renowned security firms:

The best security: We have it. More than 500,000 satisfied customers have preceded you.

Licentie2GO knows better than anyone how to create the best security. Unfortunately, this is not available in one simple package that you can install yourself. Even if the software is as good as it is, the lack of the right knowledge and skills during installation can undo a lot of the security.

In 3 steps back to a stress-free online life:

1. Sooner or later it will go wrong. Don't wait for it, prepare for it. That's why we make the strongest, most secure backups. If something goes wrong, you can keep working.

2. The best Antivirus makes sure malware, viruses, ransomware and all other threats don't stand a chance from the start. Antivirus and backup, they strengthen the security ON your device.

3. We secure the connection to and from your device with the world's best VPN. You choose how and where to browse the internet anonymously and untraceable. By protecting not only your device, but also your connection, you keep even more threats out.

Of course, it is not only about the best applications. You also have to work with them, trust them. And more importantly, install and configure the package. Our specialist will do this for you, completely customised to your situation.

Protect everything you care about

Do you do the MOT of your car yourself? Have you ever performed open heart surgery? Not us. We leave that to the specialists. It's the same with your data. Can we - the number 1 Software Specialist - take good care of your data? We know how to do it, and we have been doing it for 500,000 customers.

After purchasing the Licentie2GO Ultimate Security Service, we will invite you to schedule an appointment. You choose when you want us to call. We'll set up a secure connection to your computer and you'll be able to watch us during the session. Together we make an inventory of the data and programmes on your computer. We make a backup of all data. We install and configure the security and show you how to secure the connection.

Our service is valid for 1 computer. On the computer, our specialists will install all the software. For your smartphone and tablet, you will receive step-by-step instructions to install the software there as well.

Why is the Licentie2GO Ultimate Security better than a "regular" antivirus?

A regular antivirus protects against viruses, malware and other digital threats. Sometimes it includes a VPN, but Ultimate Security is more than that. The power of security on your device is the intelligence behind the settings. Is the installation done properly and are all the settings correct? That is what will take your security to the next level and that is what Ultimate Security does.

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MSRP: € 199.00
  • The ultimate security service
  • License duration: 1 year
  • 1 User (1 PC, 1 Tablet, 1 Smartphone)
  • Suitable for: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Installation and configuration included. Customised for your situation.
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  • The security of local backup combined with cloud storage
  • Microsoft 365 back-up, including Outlook and Onedrive
  • Including real time antivirus- and anti-malware protection
  • Protection against ransomware and cryptojacking
  • Total backup AND security solution for consumers and small businesses