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2GOSoftware is partnered with all large software brands. Due to this you're certain of buying 100% legitimate software It is not without a reason that we offer a installation and activation guarantee on all of software we supply All our licenses work, guaranteed. We know where our software comes from and making the promise that the software will work guaranteed is simply self-evident to us.

On the Web you're able to find the same software. Be aware of the partner status of the competitor. When these competitors do not have a partner status, the software they supply is refurbished, or derived form grey (not legitimate) import. Only when the software is offered new and unused, you can be sure that the software will work properly and will continue to work!

What are the risks of illegal or "grey" software?

It is important to know that the manufacturer checks your license on the moment of activation. isn't known until this point of time if your license is legitimate. When the license appears to be illegitimate then the support will be cancelled, is reinstalling the software impossible, and your computer might become damaged.

Keep the following in mind:

  • illegitimate software has no right to security updates.
  • illegitimate software is punishable; it is theft. (even when you've paid for it)
  • illegitimate software has no right on support of the customer service of the manufacturer.
  • illegitimate software is dangerous; it never contains the original installationfiles and is often infected with viruses or other malware.

Why is your software somewhere cheaper on the internet anyway?

From time to time the question if we can't offer our software for a lower price arises. If this would be possible, we would certainly have done it! If there was a discount possible on our software, we would have lowered the standard price on our site.

This usually get followed up with why it can be cheaper elsewhere?
Often because the software is illegitimate. Unfortunately, refurbished or used software is still sold on the internet - license codes are activated and then issued again or license codes are fabricated.

"Too good to be true"; What are the dangers of this?

If an offer seems too good to be true it often is. Most of the times these licenses are fabricated or illegitimate. A lot happens on the Internet. License code are being cracked, licenses get stolen and even creditcards get stolen to purchase licenses abroad which get sold in Europe again. This type of practice is actively tracked and hermetically sealed by all major brands. All of the license codes will be blocked sooner or later.

Do not give it a chance; your software may work in the short term but will sooner or later be blocked by the manufacturer and when this happens you software will stop working.

The dangers of pirated software on your computer

Illegal software is dangerous! When the software doesn't have a "normal" price tag, you may assume that detours have to be followed to make the software work. Apart from being illegal, you often open back doors in your computer or mobile device. This makes you very vulnerable to hackers! Your data can be stolen, become the victim of identity theft or worse; the details of your customers, employees or even your administration can become available to the public!

Purchase reliably and trusted!
By purchasing at 2GO Software you are guaranteed of  100% legitimate software  including a installation promise, a step-by-step manual which will assist you with downloading, installing and activating the software and a  team of specialists  who are happy to help with any issues that arise!

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