Order & Delivery

In 3 simple steps, you can buy, install and activate our software.

Step 1: Make your product choice. 
Need help? Just ask, we are happy to advise!

Step 2: Make your payment
Please use a credit- or debit card or Paypal for immediate processing.

Step 3: Install / renew your software. 
Just use our simple- and custom made manuals which will guide you step by step!

What will happen after I have made my payment?

During the checkout, we will create an account on our website based on your e-mail address. An order confirmation will be mailed to you after placing an order with a link to your personal Licentie2GO account.

Based on an email address we will provide all information in the account on our website. Just use the log-in page to get started!

All products will be delivered immediate after you have made your payment. We will deliver the complete package; a software-download, a license key and a step by step manual to guide you trough the process of installing and using the software. In addition; our servicedesk is available to guide you whenever needed.

What information is needed during checkout?

We respect your privacy. We only need your name and an e-mail address to deliver the product. Please review our section about personal data protection if you have any questions about your privacy.

How secure is your check-out procedure?

To make sure the checkout is safe and secure we always use SSL-encryption on our website. We use Adyen as a payment provider. After you have paid for your order, you will find our business name "2GoSoftware BV" on your bank statement.

Can you refund my payment?

Not a problem! Just test the product before activating the software. Only when you have received the license key and activated the software using that license key, the order will not be refundable anymore. In every other case, just contact our customer service; we are happy to help.

About our software

Most of our products are downloads. Download-products are available immediate after we received your payment. When using a debit or creditcard the downloads will be delivered immediately! Using bank transfer will take one or two business days to process the payment. Therefore, we always advise to use a creditcard or Paypal for your order.