Protection of personal information

To make Licentie2GO even better for you, we always use functional and analytical cookies (and similar techniques). We also want to place cookies to make your visit to Licentie2GO and our communication to you easier and more personal. These cookies allow us and third parties to track and collect your internet behaviour inside and outside Licentie2GO. This allows us and third parties to tailor our website, app, advertising and communications to your interests. You can always change your cookie preferences here.

Non-personalised advertising / marketing
Personal advertising / marketing

In this privacy statement we explain which data we use, where we need this data for and how long the data will be stored on our servers.If you you've any questions, feel free to contact us

To succesfully process your order it is necessary for Licentie2GO to process personal data. Some personal data is required other data can be optionally entered. The optional data is used to be able to assist you during the installation and use of your product as well as to give you a better advice. We only process data which are strictly necessary. 

Protection of data

All data you enter at Licentie2GO is securely stored. Our databases are protected with state-of-the-art protection. Beter protection doesn't exist. Our website and payment system is protected with HTTPS (SSL). This protected can be recognized with the lock at the top of your browser.

Our systems are programmed with the highest standard that exists in technical system protection. We don't hire any cheap external programmers. Our company works as much as possible with in-house with attention for the privacy of the customers and employees. With some external companies, we exchange secured data to be able to receive and process your payment safely. For this, see the section: collaboration. 

Processing of data

Your information won't be sold or passed on to any third-party. The following information will stay within Licentie2GO.

  1. First and last name
  2. Emailaddress
  3. IPaddress
  4. Payment information (such as bankaccount)

Optionally the following information can be processed:

  1. Phonenumber
  2. Address
  3. Company name
  4. Additional company information(Such as VAT number, company number etc.)

Additional information gets stored to process and/or to check if sold products are being used in accordance with the license agreement. For example we only sell student licenses to students or teachers and business licenses only to businesses. Therefore the optional information might be required to process the order.

In certain cases Licentie2GO may decide to proces additional information such as sex, birthdate, fax, target audience, preferences and interest. For example per request of a paymentprovider or marketing. For each request we'll ask for your permission to process the information.

Targetted processing

We use data for certain goals. Among other things for the delivery of an order. We like to stay in good contact with everyone who makes a purchase with Licentie2GO. When placing an order we explicitly ask for permissions to realise the following goals for you:

Delivery The delivery of an order.
Account creation (Secure environment) The creation of an account with a secure, personalized setting which can be used for the delivery of products and the presenting of our unique manuals. The account is necessary so that we can present you with personalized information. In the account you'll find a wide variety of information which is only available to you, not for somebody who didn't place an order at Licentie2GO.
Customer service To help you with installating and useage of the product.
Marketing Marketing activities such newsletters, emails about products and related sales.
Advice & renewal of a subscription (not applicable to single purchases)

We advice about the useage of your product (to use the software to its maximum potential) and about other product related cases. This also includes a renewal offer incase the subscription has a fixed term.

Every e-mail for renewal that is sent includes a link to disable future renewal notification mails.

Improvements We analyze how our platforms are being used. With this analysis (We analyze our platform based on large amounts of customers) we are able to swiftly apply any improvements. We improve our platform every day.. 
Fraud prevention Fraud is a bad thing. In some cases we need additional information and use the information to find fraud and prevent it from happening in the future.
Actions We inform customers about renewals and other sales on our website. 
Reviews Each customer receives an email to review Licentie2GO. With this we make improve our platform every day.

Information won't be stored any longer than necessary. As long as the information serves a purpose for one of the goals mentioned above the information will be stored. Afterwards the information will be deleted.

When it is necessary for a transaction we'll share information with our payment providers, Afterpay and Paypal. This will only occur if you choose to use one of these payment methods.

Want to see all your information? No problem! Login via “My Licentie2GO” en navigate to “My information”. Prefer to receive it from our director of privacy protection? Sent a mail to [email protected], ask for “Robbin” and mention that it is about "Privacy protection".

Right "to be forgotten"

You've the right to be forgotten. Do you want us to delete your data?This is possible but keep in mind that you can only place an order at Licentie2GO when your account remains in our system. The discount on your renewal will expire the moment your account is deleted. You'll have to purchase your renewal for a higher price.

You won't be able to use any of the services of 2GO software as well. Still want to end our relation? Login in via “My Licentie2GO”, go to "My information" and delete the account with button "Delete account".

Identity of the entrepreneur

Licentie2GO UK is part of Licentie2GO BV. Our contact information, company information, VAT number, address and additional information can be found on the “contact”.

Would you rather speak to on of our employees? Then check out the customer service page.

About cookies and why they're necessary.

Cookies are necessary for us to make sure our website functions properly and to make sure that we improve our website every day. We don't share our cookies with any third-party. However we do use them for marketing. We store which products are currently in the shoppingcart and we use Google Analytics to see which pages of our websites are up for improvement. For this, see the section collaboration.


We can't do this alone. Therefore we collaborate with certain important partners. Ofcourse we agree on clear terms about this collaboration and are not allowed to use this information without any permission. Partners we collaborate with are:

  1. Google Analytics / Google Adwords. With this we measure if our website is functioning properly and/or if the website needs improvement (If so, where!). Google Adwords might show our products on external pages after you've been on our website.
  2. Daisycon. With this we reward our partners who generate traffic on our website.
  3. Facebook, DoubleClick en Bing. Not for spam, but to purely show our products. These networks may show our products after you've visited our website.For this a cookie is used to check which products have been shown on our website.
  4., Afterpay & Paypal. We need the companies in order to process our payments. 
  5. MailChimp. They help us with sending the mails with our offers for the renewal of your subscription.