Installationservice - Office Business Set-up (all-in)

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Installationservice - Office Business Set-up (all-in)

Installing software is not always easy. There are several reasons to leave the installation to our specialists. Maybe you find it complicated, you don't have time for it or you want to be 100% sure that it happened correctly. That is convenient, because we are happy to carry out the installation for you. That is fast, very professional and you can watch as we work for you.

Choose convenience, top quality and all settings set correctly. Our software specialists perform many installations every day and ensure that all settings are immediately correctly set, the software is installed and, of course, that your license is activated. We always work by appointment so that the installation is carried out when it suits you. During the session you can watch from A to Z what happens. There is also a live chat available so you can always ask questions and intervene when something is not to your liking.

Your computer is private property. Our privacy statement applies to this. All our specialists have signed a confidentiality statement. Through encryption and password protection you give us access and you stop the session afterwards. This makes this connection 100% safe.

License 2GO Installation service for business use

The all-in package for:

  1. Setting up a portal
    We ensure that the portal is set up so that you can work with it.
  2. Assign licenses to users.
    We add new users to the portal and assign licenses to them.
  3. Download your software.
    We always download the most recent version of the software.
  4. Installing your software.
    We will ensure a completely correct and correct installation.
  5. Activating your software.
    We activate your software with a license purchased from us.

With this package you have the guarantee that you can get started 100% well and safely when our installation is finished.

How does it work?

  1. Add this product to the cart and checkout.
  2. Make an appointment with our customer service.
  3. 2GoSoftware confirms your appointment by email and sends you instructions for setting up remote assistance.
  4. On the day and time period chosen by you, you will contact us by chat.
  5. Our specialists log in to your computer and do not stop until you are satisfied!

Rules installation package

  • 1 software product is installed per installation package purchased.
  • This service is valid for 1 device. (1 Computer or 1 Mac)
  • We log in to your computer remotely. You can always watch what we do.
  • Transferring data, resetting or restoring a backup is not included in the service.
  • The session lasts an average of 30 - 45 minutes.
  • Only valid with switching actions announced by 2GoSoftware.
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€ 49, 99
MSRP: € 54.45
  • 100% guarantee on correct installation
  • All in price
  • Suitable for: 1 installation
  • Suitable for: Windows, Mac
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