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Licentie2GO Online Privacy & Security Scanner

Licentie2GO keeps an eye on online hackers. Every time an online hack is discovered, the consequences are investigated by Licentie2GO as well as by local police.

All stolen data is analyzed. If your username, e-mail address, or password has been hacked, you will automatically receive a message from our Online Privacy & Security Scanner. We advise you in most cases to set new login details.

In addition to login details, we also investigate whether the data that has been leaked could damage your privacy. You will also receive a message from us in case of leaking your bank account, your passport or personal number, your PIN code, credit card number or other sensitive details. This protects online activity and helps you to use the Internet more safely.

Licentie2GO Online Privacy & Security Scanner

The online world can no longer be ignored from our society. Unfortunately, however, there are also dangers in our online environment. Hackers are lurking and the theft of online data nowadays causes more damage than all store break-ups added up.

Unfortunately, it is still the case that not all companies offering online services take their security seriously. Licentie2GO protects your online privacy and your online accounts with the Online Privacy & Security Scanner!

Protect your family

The Online Privacy & Security Scanner offers options for active scanning of multiple online accounts. We do not only secure your online account known to Licentie2GO, but we also protect the accounts of your family members!

What does it cost?

It is free for customers of Licentie2GO!

Not a client of Licentie2GO and do you still want to use our Online Privacy & Security Scanner? Then purchase an extension for your existing antivirus package today, buy a back-up solution or an Office package and get our Online Privacy & Security Scanner for free!

About online account security: Hackers are waiting for their opportunity to steal your data.

The Online Privacy & Security Scanner is meant to protect your online accounts where the security product on your computer has no access. For example, securing the password of your e-mail is not only on your computer, but also with your provider. With the Online Privacy & Security Scanner we keep an eye on hackers who focus on your provider! This can't be secured on your own computer, but our scanner can do this!

Our scanner found over 5 billion (!) stolen data on the Internet. More than 300 websites were found to have been hacked with privacy-sensitive data leaked. Secure yourself and enable the Online Privacy & Security Scanner for all accounts in your family.


Licentie2GO uses a strict privacy policy on the online scanner. It is not permitted to sell the online scanner, to use it for accounts other than yours or your family members or to pursue a commercial interest in any way using our product.

NO payment is explicitly requested for our product. It is therefore not for sale for non-customers of Licentie2GO.

Your data is protected by Licentie2GO in accordance with our privacy policy. You can delete your account at any time.
See our article: Protection of personal data for more information.


  1. The OnlinePrivacy & Security Scanner is currently in a beta phase. This means that the service may be unavailable from time to time so that we can make adjustments. With more than 5 billion hacked accounts we sometimes have to update to guarantee the speed.
  2. 1 license for the Online Privacy & Security Scanner is issued per purchase as of 1 June 2018. Existing customers receive free - phased access to the scanner.
  3. The OnlinePrivacy & Security Scanner currently offers space for a maximum of 5 accounts per family. This number can only be increased by making a 2-purchase at Licentie2GO with which you obtain an additional license.
  4. The OnlinePrivacy & Security Scanner is free for Licentie2GO customers and has a duration of 1, 2 or 3 years. The term runs the same as the subscription that you purchased from 2GOSoftware.
  5. If you have purchased a license with no expration date with Licentie2GO, you will receive the OnlinePrivacy & Security Scanner for 1 year for free.

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  • The tool which secures your online privacy and accounts
  • Check whether your online accounts have been hacked
  • Receive a notification when a new hack is found
  • Suitable for scanning multiple mail addresses
  • Free for Licentie2GO customers!
  • English and Dutch helpdesk available by email and chat
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