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Kaspersky Total Security 2019 3Devices 1year

49,54 Retail price: € 69.37 41.28 Ex VAT

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 3Devices 1year

69,37 Retail price: € 99.12 57.81 Ex VAT

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 3Devices 1year

99,12 Retail price: € 138.79 82.60 Ex VAT

Smartphones and tablets are one of the most important devices you own. Our mobile devices have become our main way of ommunication and online banking due to this it has become a common ground for hackers to try and steal your information! As a result mobile Security has become a mandatory addition to the applications on your mobile device.

Since the information on mobile devices have become so critical it's important to protect these devices from various threats such as viruses, spyware, hackers and identity theft. Be able to block unwanted phone calls and messages, remove harmful apps which can form a threat to your privacy, andprotect your children from the dangers of the web by being able to restrict the websites they visit with Parental Control.

Whilst you focus on what's important to you, mobile security will take care of your online safety and protect you on your mobile devices.With the selected products below you're assured of a well protected mobile device.


All these products are suitable for the Mac operating system. Often the software is suitable for the current OS (Mojave) plus the two previous versions (High Sierra and Sierra). Thanks to our activation guide, you always receive the best and most recent software suitable for Mac.